Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hospital Update

Ladies and Gentlepals,

Firstly, I am thrilled to announce we reached our first goal of $650 dollars! This is wonderful and Spooky and his mum are grateful.  Details of the formal draw will appear soon.

Secondly, due to Spooky's recent hospitalisation we will be hosting a super amazing pawty and fund raising drive. Details to follow - we hope to try something super special as Spooky's mum is really struggling.

Monday, August 13, 2012

#WWPawty - Revised UPDATE

** CHIP-In SPECIAL Spooky Supporters Announcement **

We promised to keep the chip-in open until we reached $650 so we could hold the prize draw for our superb Laurel Burch Collector's Kitty Egg donated by @CheriSwan.  We have not reneged on our promise, things took an unexpected turn..........

Unfortunately, with the sudden loss of his beloved @Keely_Bobs, our @PuppyNumer7 and his mum were so upset they omitted to extend the Chip-In.  Therefore, the Chip-in for Spooky is being relaunched so that the extra amount can be raised and our goal of $650 achieved.  We then will be doing the prize draw for this most treasured of Laurel Burch souvenir with ALL of the chip in donors for the pawty.

To be clear - we have raised $545 towards Spooky's treatment so far via the (expired) chip-in. Those donors are all going to be included in the draw, as well as those who donate here. We are organising how the prize draw will be done at the moment.

In the meantime, Spooky and Lillian, myself, PuppyNumber7 and @MizzBassie thank you for partying like its 1999 all over again!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thanks You #WWPawty Supporters

It's time for me to say thank you to everyone who helped, donated and supported the #wwpawty in its efforts to fund raise for @SpookyShorty's treatment.

Each time we ask, our pals dig deep, they are generous, they pawty, they fill Twiter with such joy that we have to grin from ear to ear.

First may I give heartfelt thank to our generous donors.  They gave donation gifts, jewellery, pet themed presents and nip themed stuff.

Please honour our Donors :-


The Team @PuppyNumber7 @MizzBassie and @Whskr want to thank those who stepped up and acted as DJ's, barktenders for our superb menu by @PuppyNumber7, and our quizzers.

DJ's who rocked the #wwpawty

@MrTibbsatAP @IamRustyCat @SamTheWatcher @rabbitviola @CathKeisha @Brodie_Dog

Special apologies to @MrTibbsAP for @Whskr nearly spoiling his set, I know our DJ's put a heap of thought into their special sets - you could see that in the titles of the music :-)

Barktenders who served with a smile

@MizzBassie @tweetingtruman @stampsdarabbit dazzling @PepiSmartDog @DCKitty @doggymolly @frankencat1

Each super talented and each brought their talents to our cause.  Thank you all.


 Our quizzers have a tough job! They have to remind you all to enter the quiz to win wonderful donated stuff - they try so hard.  Your support of our quiz folk is vital to allow them to do their pawsome job.

@MizzBassie @skye613 @PepperPom @doggymolly @lilyluwhot @cheriswan

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Thank you to efuryone who came along to Transylvania, Romania and pawtied it up inside the Hunyadi Castle ... for those who missed out on the fun, we have a few snaps of our pals exploring the spooky castle:

Many thanks for your pawsome support !

Friday, August 3, 2012

#WWPawty STOP PRESS - Laurel Burch Draw


Attention everyone - we have a totally stunning Prize Draw announcement.

@Cheriswan has offered this gorgeous Laurel Burch Collectors Egg as a Super Special Prize that will be drawn from ALL DONORS to the chip on (or by check) - IF We Reach Over $650!

Just to make absolutely sure - IF we reach our goal for the Spooky chip in ALL donors will be entered in to the draw to win this gorgeous gift from @Cheriswan.

I know you will want to join me in thanking Cheri for her utterly and totally amazing gesture of love to Spooky.