Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thanks You #WWPawty Supporters

It's time for me to say thank you to everyone who helped, donated and supported the #wwpawty in its efforts to fund raise for @SpookyShorty's treatment.

Each time we ask, our pals dig deep, they are generous, they pawty, they fill Twiter with such joy that we have to grin from ear to ear.

First may I give heartfelt thank to our generous donors.  They gave donation gifts, jewellery, pet themed presents and nip themed stuff.

Please honour our Donors :-


The Team @PuppyNumber7 @MizzBassie and @Whskr want to thank those who stepped up and acted as DJ's, barktenders for our superb menu by @PuppyNumber7, and our quizzers.

DJ's who rocked the #wwpawty

@MrTibbsatAP @IamRustyCat @SamTheWatcher @rabbitviola @CathKeisha @Brodie_Dog

Special apologies to @MrTibbsAP for @Whskr nearly spoiling his set, I know our DJ's put a heap of thought into their special sets - you could see that in the titles of the music :-)

Barktenders who served with a smile

@MizzBassie @tweetingtruman @stampsdarabbit dazzling @PepiSmartDog @DCKitty @doggymolly @frankencat1

Each super talented and each brought their talents to our cause.  Thank you all.


 Our quizzers have a tough job! They have to remind you all to enter the quiz to win wonderful donated stuff - they try so hard.  Your support of our quiz folk is vital to allow them to do their pawsome job.

@MizzBassie @skye613 @PepperPom @doggymolly @lilyluwhot @cheriswan

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  1. Mom & I cannot thank everyone enough who have given their time & terrific talents to help make my #WWPawty a huge success.
    Due to unforeseen laptop issues [screen was all crazy those who remember tv before cable/dish squiggly lines hues of all colors fading to dark blinking back on then start over] Mom ran to a guy who fixes them, he checked it out ran tests & did a little wizardry magic & got it working but not before my #WWPawty ended :(
    I was so very sad I didn't even get into my great costume Thomas made for me before laptop went crazy.
    Mom was so very sad too even though she checked on cellphone & caught some of the fun but had to pay attention to what was going on with laptop. :(
    Its working again, we hope it was fixed for good.

    I hope everyone of my Dear Pals had the most greatest fun I saw all your photos Thank you so very, very much.

    Purrs & Hugs Love Spooky & Mom XOXOXO