Monday, July 9, 2012

Join us in Transylvania

Park your broomstick in the courtyard of the eeriest castle in Romania ... the Hunyadi Castle in Hunedoara, Transylvania. Legend has it that this Gothic-styled castle at one time belonged to Count Dracula !

We are coming together - witches, wizards and warlocks from far and near - to practise spells and dance to magical music until the witching hour is upon us. Our pawty will be SPOOKTACULAR !

Black cats are VERY welcome !


Having battled cancer 2010/2011, Spooky needs regular vet visits to ensure that he stays healthy. He went through a whole year of chemotherapy, which cost quite a lot of money. Unfortunately his mama lost her job some months ago and despite her best efforts has not yet secured more employment. Spooky's vet bill is still quite high and she needs help to bring it down so that the vet will continue to monitor Spooky and supply her with the medication that he needs.

If you can spare a dollar or two, she and Spooky would be very grateful.
PLEASE if you are donating through Paypal, click the "gift" option so Spooky doesn't have to pay a fee.

Thank you.

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