Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's cooking in the cauldron?

Drinks and Noms are available throughout
the evening from your spooky barktender

Please practice responsible drinking if you are flying home

Black Bat Ceegars
filled with magical nip

*. *. *  D R I N K S  *. *. *

Cauldron Cocktail
every serve comes with a free magic spell

Faeries Nectar
three wishes in each glass

Black Widow
tickles going down !

Fang Banger
this will give you a hairy chest ... arrooooooo !

 Vampire Kiss
be careful - this drink has a real bite !

 White Witch
fire and ice !

Zombie Crush
too many will make you mindless

Tangled Web
smooth and silky

Salem Slushie
a goulishly good brew

Witches Brew
potent, comes with a rawhide swivel stick

Swamp Juice
brewed from the depths of the Black Swamp

 Lucky Black Cat
no superstitions here !

 Lucifer's Bloody Mary
a devilish cocktail

*. *. *  M E N U  *. *. *

Guests are welcome to feast upon our delicious noms either seated at a formal setting in our dungeon or in the relaxed atmosphere of our bar room

Red Velvet Cheese Brain
fangtastic cheese ball with nip crackers

Popcorn Crawlers
white chocolate popcorn infested with milk chocolate beetles

Zombie Fingers
cheesy and crunchy

rawhide stick handles with chip straw brushes

Finger Food Wraps
little bundles of sossidge & chips wrapped in a tortilla

Mummy Cocktails
cocktail sossidges in pastry

fresh and crunchy, in a sesame seed bun 

Cauldron Casserole
don't ask what's in it, it's not for the weak of heart !

BBQ Bat Legs
roasted over an open fire pit

Custard Pie
mouth watering with nip-biscuit base

Chocolate Longtail
rats never tasted so lufferly

Howling Cheesecake
soft and creamy

Cauldron Pots
chocolate cauldron filled with caramel apple goo

Bat Cupcakes
grab one before they fly out the door

Black Cat Truffle Pops
delicious, melt in your mouth truffles

Thank you for joining us!
We hope you have a
purrrfectly magical time.

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