Saturday, July 21, 2012

#WWPawty Prize Preview

We always enjoy giving pals a sneak peek at what is in store with our pawty prizes! More added all the time! Please check back :-)

UPDATE 31st July 2012

We now have DONATION prizes!  These are much sought after by pals, for the honour of having their name on a donation to SpookyShorty.  We also have a personalised @NoCryBabyDogs Necklace (US only) and I know her stuff is pawsome! 

The gracious @MizzBassie has donated a pawful of prizes including donations AND Gorgeous Pet necklaces, we have one, they are superb!   @LilyLuWhoT has donated THE dog prize du jour  Check this for the amazing Scruffy!

SeattleP has donated to #wwpawty a Silvervine Pillow! Silvervine, as many of you know, rocked the kitty world when Nip and Bones introduced it to us.  The pillow and some Greeneis will be a sought after prize we think!

Sample of Silvervine Pillow

This delicious bag from Baba Studio in Prague is donated by @Whskr.  Baba Studio are a team of creative artists who work with fabric, and Photoshop and local printers to create magical works including this gorgeous bag.

From the Bohemian Cats this beautiful silk bag bag is 6 inches tall with a golden drawstring and one of Baba Studio's tarot card images on the front, printed on to polyester silk (to ensure image quality).  Back is plain dark blue.   The Studio use images of their city, Prague, as part of many of their images along with custom made costumes and the cats of friends.

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  1. tose are very lovely prizes- when is the pawty- i never know anything anymore